After you book your first Osteopath treatment with us, a member of our reception team, you will get a call from Adam. He phones people to firstly check that Osteopathic treatment is for them. Adam also pre-screens every client over the phone, in accordance with our COVID-19 safeguarding policy.

In Preparation

When you do attend the appointment please make sure that…

-> you have loose-fitting clothes that is easy to move out of the way (think shorts and t-shirt rather than jeans or dresses)

-> Have a mask.

-> You can tell Adam relevant medical information

(e.g: have copies of your prescription and MRI reports e.t.c)

The chat at the start

Adam will then take a case-history, which helps him to get a picture about what is going on and what might be the cause of the issue. This pre-assesment chat usually takes about 10-15 minutes.

The Assesment

After the chat, Adam will examine your posture and assess the range of motion of relevant joints. This is usually followed with some joint (orthopaedic) and nerve (neurological). Unfortunately, these tests are often provocative in nature, but they are important as they tell us what is causing the issue. If a therapist is not assessing they are guessing.

Tell you what it is

After a thorough physical examination, he will explain his findings to you. Where possible he will give you a clear-cut diagnosis. Please be aware that without an MRI scan Adams diagnosis cannot be 100%, but rest assured he will have checked for anything untowards.


A customised treatment will then take place, if you consent to said treatment. The treatment will be bespoke to the unique needs of the condition you have. As a general rule Adam starts gently and will always stop or tone it down if you feel uncomfortable or it is too much. Throughout the time that he treats, he is more than happy to tell you what has helped other people who have had a similar condition, recover quicker.


What to expect afterwards

After the treatment he demonstrates and gets you to do one, possibly two exercises. Please be aware that it is NOT uncommon to feel sorer for 1-2 days after your first treatment. Soreness is an unfortunate side-effect of a lot of diagnostic tests and the process of getting joints moving will stir things up.

If you are not sure if Osteopathy is for you, then why don’t you book a time for Adam to give you a free (no-obligation) call. Just ask one of our receptionists to book in a time for a free call-back on this number….

Our Clinics Are Open

To book your East Cornwall Osteopathy appointment call…

01208 404 121 for our Liskeard Clinic

01208 404 123 for our Bodmin Clinic

01726 793 242 for our clinic in St Blazey

Please be aware that an Osteopath will give everyone who has booked an appointment a call-back. So they can talk you through our COVID-19 safeguarding policy. Please read the information below for directions.