After a temporary closure we  reopened the doors of our clinics on 1st June.

As all allied health Professionals, including Osteopaths are obliged to reduce the burden on GP surgeries.

In line with government guidelines we are taking every measure to protect our patients and staff.

As part of your pre-appointment screening your therapist would have told you That  our COVID safeguarding policy is online and accessible to everyone. Every client of ours has the right to be informed about the measures we our implementing.

We take the responsibility of mitigating the risk of cross-infection very seriously. So you will notice some changes, as we have introduced new infection control measures, to keep us all safe.

What we are doing…………………

-> Stopped using clinic couch covers and pillows and towels.

-> Conduct an in-depth risk asssesment

-> Put in screens at the reception areas.

-> Introduced additional hygeine procedures. Allocating time after every treatment to clean the furniture and door handles in the treatment room and reception, as well as our hands.

-> Wearing PPE throughout consultation and treatment, medical face mask, gloves and apron.

-> Closely monitoring ourselves for any COVID symptoms, and if necessary close the clinic.

-> Setup a prescreening phone call before an appointment.

-All staff members our testing their temperature on a daily basis and will cancel all appointments of that day if they do have a high temperature, or any other COVID symptoms.

– Practitioners are washing their hands as per Public Health England guidance in between each patient. In between each appointment everything that the past client may have come in contact with is disinfected and wiped clean. These include the entire treatment couch, door handles, chairs.

– The floors and carpets, walls and windows are deep cleaned on a regular basis.


What we ask YOU TO DO:

-> Fill out your new patient form online before you attend the clinic, to reduce the time you spend in our reception.

-> To wear a mask, which can be your own or we can provide one for you.

-> To CANCEL or make your appointment online if you have a fever or cough

-> That you use hand sanitizer located at reception

-> To bring your own towel *

-> To bring your own pillow *

– Respect social distancing rules when it comes to other clients or receptionists who you may encounter in the reception area. The reception areas at all of our clinic have been rearrange to ensure that clients are not within 2 metres of one another.

Ultimately East Cornwall Osteopathy and staff members in Bodmin, Liskeard and St Blazey are doing everything they can to minimise risk whilst remaining open. However, we cannot eliminate all risk especially as COVID19 is highly contagious.

* We have a limited supply of pillows and towel.