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East Cornwall Osteopathy Client Success Stories

I saw lots of different people.. no one was able to figure out what was wrong, went to Adam, for a thorough assessment and he addressed what was wrong. Enabling me to do amazing in my powerlifting competition.
Odette Smalden
Adam helped me with a recurring back problem and was very knowledgable, patient and reassuring.
Nuala Calvi
I have had a lot more mobility and seen less pain through my back since I have seen Adam. And found more things out that nobody has noticed and pointed out to me which has helped me out, so much.
Vicky Thorne
Adam has been treating me approx 4 weeks. I found his treatment excellent, and very professional. He has helped me with my neck and shoulder pain and I’m very grateful for his services. I would definitely recommend Adam to anybody for his services, and such a lovely guy. Thank you for everything.
Darren Long
Adam is an excellent and professional practitioner! I had problems with my back, chest and neck. Wish I had found him a long time ago! Adan is able to find the problem and target it straight away in order to relieve the problem. Adam is easy to talk to, he is able to offer solid advice on how to reduce pain and it happening again and give clear instructions on exercises. Adam was able to identify that I was also not breathing correctly and was able to show me ways to do this properly which I notice a dramatic difference! I no longer have chest pain or wheeze when exercising. If you need some help Adam is definitely the person you need to visit!! Excellent value for money. Adam is easily contactable in order to get an appointment and his therapy premises is easy to find, clean comfortable and has parking adjacent! Thank you Adam.
Adam went through various movements with me to do after diagnosing my knee pain. With this knowledge I’m able to correct the problem without having to go back time and time again. Very good at what he does! Thank you.
J Page
Adam has helped me tremendously I have had terrible knee pain for months and months. Even after one treatment, the pain has alleviated quite a lot, and now I am just about pain free. Brilliant absolutely brilliant.
Brendan Keen
Adam has helped me with my back and arm pain, and it has been a great success. I’ve been a plasterer for twenty years. Adam has been the first person that got me results. So I can carry on working, thank you so much.
Dan Teversham
I have had back problems for years trying all sorts of treatments and medication with not much success. After my first visit to Adam he took great care to listen to me problems and was very clued up on his knowledge. After ,y treatment I could really feel that Adam had worked my bad area with manipulation and I had instant relief. Adam showed me an exercise that I have never been shown before to practice daily to which is hoping me greatly. I left really understanding the pain I have been in for years and have booked my next session. Felt very comfortable and Adam put me at ease. Excellent service and affordable – Thank you so much.
Julie H



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