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Hypermobility Testimonials

Having seen Adam over a series of sessions, he has empowered me to breathe effectively and started me on a path of exercises suitable for my body-type (hypermobile), to improve my lower back pain and hip mobility. Finally someone has taught me that over stretching is not the answer – in fact stability for me is key. He has always been calm and constructive in his approach, giving me a sense of comfort and trust.
Samantha Gill
I had been having real trouble with my neck, I was actually in so much pain I had been seeing spots. I went to see Adam as he was recommended by the friends I was staying with. Adam was lovely, I really felt he listened sincerely. We talked about a few of my other body problems as well as my neck, and he tested me for overall hypermobility before he went to work on my neck. We talked about how stress was affecting me in general and ways to combat it. I would definitely recommend Adam. He is patient and knowledgable. He is a person who takes time, and looks at you as an individual.
Fyre Faery