Is your horse exhibiting signs of discomfort, hindering their performance or diminishing their quality of life?

It’s distressing to witness changes in behavior like resistance to riding, kicking out, or altered gait/walking patterns, as these may indicate underlying pain and discomfort.

Equine osteopathy, is a therapeutic approach that has proven to be highly effective in addressing musculoskeletal issues in horses. And when it comes to horse osteopaths Martha Matthews is a sought-after south-west based osteopath. With her expertise and specialized techniques, Martha has helped numerous horses overcome their discomfort and achieve remarkable improvements in sometimes just a few sessions.

Imagine the relief your horse will experience as Martha carefully evaluates their joints, ligaments, and nerves, seeking out any underlying dysfunctions. Through concise observation and gentle palpation, she can pinpoint areas of tension, restriction, or misalignment, getting to the root of the problem. Don’t worry as a medical professional she will rule out any serious underlying pathology through comprehensive assessment and diagnosis, Martha ensures that the treatment plan is specifically tailored to your horse’s needs.

With Martha’s dedicated approach, you can be optimistic that your horse will feel better. Whether your goal is to enhance their performance or provide them with a higher quality of life, Martha’s treatment plan will be designed to address these objectives. By combining her wealth of expertise in cranial, visceral and structural osteopathic techniques, Martha offers a unique advantage in providing personalized care that aligns with your horse’s temperament and specific issues.

Martha’s track record speaks for itself – she has consistently delivered outstanding results for countless horses throughout the Southwest. As a lifelong horse lover she loves helping horses in discomfort and pain, regain their vitality, showing marked improvements in behavior, performance, and overall happiness.

Don’t let your horse suffer in silence! Take action today by reaching out to Martha Matthews, the horseriding osteopath who understands the language of equine discomfort. Martha allows endeavours to watch your horse thrive once again.

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