Epleys manouevre (Canalith Repositioning Procedure) Is now available.

The is a treatment technique for a particular type of vertigo, called Benign Positional Vertigo (BPPV). BPPV is a disorder of the inner ear where little calcium crystals, that tell our brain when we are upright – helping our balance – become dislodged.

Please be aware that vertigo has many causes and it is not always BPPV. The epleys manouevre can NOT help people who have vertigo due to:

– An inner ear infection (Labyrinthitis)
– A migraine
– Vertigo induced by their medication
– Inflammation of a nerve (vestibular neuronitis)
– Multiple dysfunctions of the brain.


The NHS advises that people consult with a GP if their dizziness or vertigo is accompanied with: > any pins and needles of the face, arms or legs
> weakness of the face, arms or legs
> any slurred speech
> a fever
> any loss of consciousness
> visual disturbances of any kind: – Double vision
– Blind spots
– Blurred vision
– Floaters
> hearing disturbance:
– hearing loss
– ringing in the ear (tinnitus)

As Osteopaths we are diagnosticians who take a full case history and carry out diagnostic tests before performing any technique.

What is the epleys Manouevre?

As Osteopaths, we are diagnosticians who take a full case history and diagnostic tests before performing any technique.

What is the Epley’s manoeuvre?
It is a technique that repositions any dislodged calcium crystals. Many people perform the technique on themselves but it is usually better to have a medical professional perform the technique. It is always better to seek professional advice before doing it yourself for the first time, and If a medical professional has not diagnosed BPPV.

Epley’s manoeuvre repositions the “balance crystals“ in the inner ear by changing the position of the head a number of times, so as to nudge the crystals allowing gravity to shift them back into position.

Feel free to book consultation so you can get a diagnosis and have an Osteopath perform an Epley’s manoeuvre on you (if appropriate).

East Cornwall Osteopathy tries to keep our prices as affordable as possible, currently it will only cost you £50. Just give one of our friendly receptionists a call to book something in.

Written by Adam Robertson – Principal Osteopath


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