Hi. I’m Adam Robertson, the Principal Osteopath at East Cornwall Osteopathy.

Since 2002, I’ve trained and treated hundreds of people suffering from Sciatica, as either a personal trainer, physio technician or Osteopath. Needless to say that along the way I’ve learned a lot about sciatica.

I want to share the “secrets” I’ve discovered over the years. As I know they can help anyone who is missing out on the benefits of fitness due to their sciatica. As pain and/or tingling sensations travelling down your leg is enough to stop anybody in their tracks.

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So much info is crammed inside each one of these special FREE *ebooks, including.....

  • The ”rehab” exercises you should NEVER do if you have sciatica!

  • The safest exercises that you can do to treat your own sciatic nerve.

  • When you should seek advice from a professional..

*(yes I said ebooks as I have written not just one but a number of e-books!!!!) 

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Want PROOF that I can help, then stop listening to me and read for yourself what some of my clients have said…..


I have been seeing Adam for 2 months. I came to see him as I have had sciatica for about 8 years. I walked with a stick and was on so many pain killers. I am now walking without a stick, have cut back on my pain medication. Thank you Adam you have given me my life back.

Lorna Sweet

Having sciatica for about two weeks, I booked an appointment with Adam Robertson. Adam was able to identify the problem area easily and worked to manipulate it to give instant relief. He requested a further two appointments in order to get to the root cause, which he felt was a long standing issue requiring further investigation and treatment. Adam gave clear instructions for several exercises to improve posture and maintain pain relief. The treatment I received from Adam has been most beneficial and I would recommend Adam.

Karen Mercer

I saw lots of different people.. no one was able to figure out what was wrong, went to Adam, for a thorough assessment and he addressed what was wrong. Enabling me to do amazing in my powerlifting competition.

Odette Smalden

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help me to JOG
help me to DEADLIFT
help me to SQUAT


Wondering why it’s FREE?

It’s just an easy way to introduce myself to you, whilst hopefully helping you out in the process 🙂

If you don’t want/need to have an assesment – that’s totally fine with me. I just hope that these special e-books can help people who are missing out on the benefits of fitness due to their sciatica.


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